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Lindsay Mills Bio

Lindsay Mills is an American acrobat and blogger. She came to country-level alert as the life partner of Edward Snowden in 2013 at the time of the global surveillance disclosures. Mills left the United States to participate in Snowden in exile in Moscow by October 2014. They married in 2017. Lindsay Mills is a self-declared globe-trotting pole-dancing adventure. She earns her celebrity status after a few media houses knowable her as the girlfriend of the US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

While Edward is a reticent person and eventually nothing is known about his private life; Mills has a substantial virtual presence. She has close to nine thousand followers on Twitter and 41 thousand followers on Instagram. Her at that  Instagram profile explain her as an artist. She chronicles her visit through photographs in which she ever chose the position. The fact that her private blog too is a selection of photographs of herself does indicate that she has a keen charm in photography.

It is believed that currently, she time pass considerable time in Moscow, Russia where Snowden sought asylum.  

Lindsay Mills Family

Lindsay Mills was born to Jonathan and Martha Mills on February 25th, 1985, in Maryland, US. Never much is identified about her parents and her siblings. Whether or not she has any family is also a matter of guessing. Mills passing time her schooling years in Laurel, Maryland. In 2003 she overcome her high school at Laurel High school, Maryland. In 2007, she completed her degree from the Maryland Department College of Art in Baltimore. In 2012, she from one place to another to Hawaii to live with her boyfriend Edward Snowden and to pursue her career as a famous acrobat.


Lindsay Mills Dating

When asked whether he prop up for a slap in the face when Mills came to his door in Moscow, Snowden answered: “What would you do, if you ran out on your wife and she sees you on the news? You’re now fancy and can’t come home time after time. And then, months after time passing, you see her. What  would  you hope?” “She’s several than I’ll ever deserve,” he added. According to Snowden, people in the West always have no information about the beauty of Russian nature and the warmth of Russians.

“I’ve been to St. Petersburg, I’ve been to Sochi. I love during the journey and I still do, even though I can’t cross borders now,” he said. “One of the things that is lost in all the struggling politics of the Russian government is the reality that this is one of the several beautiful countries in the world. The people are friendly. The people are hospitable” he again and again. “And when I came here I did not understand any of this. I was horrified of this place because, of course, they were the great castle of the enemy, which is the way a CIA consultant looks at Russia.”

Lindsay Mills Career

Lindsay Mills is a career dancer and an acrobat. Till 2013, she was hard working with Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe in Honolulu, Hawaii. In an LA times returns the coach of the troupe, Karl Vorwerk, explains Mills as “an starting at singer”. In 2012, she was a part of the ‘History of Pole’ acting at the Honolulu Fringe Festival. In June 2013, Lindsay’s boyfriend Edward Snowden unopened, to journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Ewen MacAskill, highly charmed breaking news about National Security Agency (NSA).

The documents revealed by Snowden come to each other with the details of most of the spying programs run by the NSA. Upon the report, there was a huge saying loudly regarding the government’s tactics of invading the privacy of common people. Snowden made these revelations in Hong Kong. In the aftermath, Mills without speaking became the center of charm for the media as well as commoners. Mills, her father, and Snowden himself have reiterated that Lindsay knew never about Edward’s aim or the Raaz documents.

Although there are charges against Snowden and his passport has been repealed, Lindsay Mills is not under any report by government agencies and there are no restrictions on her during their journey out of the country. In the aftermath of Snowden’s leak Mills stoically dealt with the unwanted report she had collected. She took to social media to express her agony. She temporarily shut down her blog. However, in 2015 she has seen earn Oscar for the album ‘Citizen Four’.

Lindsay Mills Net worth 2022

We all know that is it almost impossible to tell anyone’s total assets, and how much his or her income is every month. According to various sources, there is a roundabout asset that is net worth. So what is the at that time net worth of Lindsay Mills? As of 2022, the at that time net worth of Lindsay Mills is $1.5 Million.

Lindsay Mill’s Popularity on Google

Lindsay Mill’s Facts

Name Lindsay Mills
First Name Lindsay
Last Name Mills
Age 37 Years
Date of Birth  February 10, 1985
Month of Birth February
Year of Birth  1985
Current City Maryland of U.S.A.
Profession American Acrobat and Blogger
Nationality American
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Husband Edward Snowden
No Children’s 1
Married Date In 2017
Height 5,9 Feet, 169cm
Weight 55kg, or 122 lbs.
Net worth 2022 1.5$ million
Eyes Color Black
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Very white
Education Maryland, Institute collage of U.S.A.
University  The University of Calgary U.S.A.

Lindsay Mills FAQs

Who is Lindsay Mills?

She is an American Acrobat and Blogger He is living in America.

Where is Lindsay Mills from?

She is from  America (USA).

What is the date of birth of Lindsay Mills?

Her date of Birth is on February 10, 1985

How old is Lindsay Mills?

She is 26 years old.

What is the qualification of Lindsay Mills?

We will upload it soon.

What is the height of Lindsay Mills?

Her height is approximately 5.9 feet or 168.9cm.

What is the weight of Lindsay Mills?

Her weight is 55kg or 121 lbs.

Is Lindsay Mills married?

She married Edward Snowden in 2017.

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