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Jimmy Houston Bio

Jimmy Houston is a Popular pro angular or fisherman who is also a TV Host on the hit ESPN show Jimmy Houston Outdoors. The show was loved by many audiences around the world and aired for 21 years.

In 1990, the latest freshwater fisherman’s name appeared alongside those of the Career Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.

The angler is also the originator of  Great, which sells fishing gear to the update. Jimmy has also competed against other pro anglers in several than 83 Fishing League Worldwide occasions and 246 Bass Master tournaments. Jimmy Houston has been a professional in the FLW Fishing League Worldwide for more than 13 years. Let us know in detail about Jimmy Houston’s biography and career. 

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Family, Early Life, and Education

Jimmy Houston, a Texas native, was born to his parents on July 28, 1944. He was upgraded by a single father, Jack Houston, in Moore, Oklahoma, where he grew up in a church. As a kid, he was taught successful outdoor activities by his father, grandfather, and two uncles. His father was named Gene Houston and John Houston. The Career angler recalls his past by stating that his family took him fishing before he could even walk and hunt first to him learning how to shoot.

Much of Jimmy’s most back page memories include adventures lover catfishing trips in their (Al) boat on Lake Hafner, walking alongside the Washita River, and fishing in a few lakes and pools. Jimmy Houston attended Moore High School but was always rushing home to fish after his father buy a resort on Tenkiller. The area had so many small lakes to fish in, which permitted the young enthusiasts to make their own money by producing their catch.

Gradually, he estimates enough money to pay for his college himself, just by planning the fish he caught. The famous T.V. host thanks his late father for taking him outdoors for fishing and hunting while also teaching him about some activities and morals. His father was a game warden for 35 years before passing away in September 2013. The hunter feels very blessed to have spent a pleasant lifestyle with his father in God’s wonderful outdoors.

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First, meeting with my Girlfriend

The lady angeling colonist, Chris Houston, met her love, Jimmy, while 2 of them were in high school. When Chris met her coming-time husband, Jimmy was her senior, and their meeting transfer their lives. They admitted to various fishing events together and got to be near one next, leading to their marriage. The wonderful wife of Jimmy Houston, Chris Houston, also known by the name Christine, is also a talented person in fishing like her celebrity husband. 

Married Life and Children

The American professional angler is at that time leading a simple and comfortable life. Jimmy Houston’s wife is named Christine Houston. The lovely pair has been together for more than 5 decennia and still keeps their relationship very strong. The attractive partners are both career anglers who met during their high school year in 1961. Chris Houston was a dominant career in the Bass’n Gal circuit for years after clinching the tournament’s title seven times.

Chris is decided a fishing legend herself while competing in every season to be able for every classic throughout her career. She has won three classic tournament titles and was inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 1987. Jimmy Houston’s partner Chris Houston is the first woman who got selected into the Bass Fishing Hall.

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Jimmy Houston’s Career

Jimmy Houston has a very successful career. He became haunt with fishing after watching the older anglers full in Sportfishing tournaments in his hometown of Tenkiller. After training in the art of fishing from several professional anglers who came to compete in the World Series of Fishing, the young Houston developed his skills. Jimmy was enrapt with his casting accuracy as he noticed its importance for fishing. In his early days, Jimmy estimated his past experiences as very sad times.

The angler had no money to eat outside or even repair his truck through a mechanic. Several he had to win some money from the tournaments just to get his previous home.  The professional American angler’s 1st major tournament win dates back to 1966 in the Oklahoma State Championship during his senior year at college. He earned $6k from his first-ever national victory. Following his win, he was given a coverable of Mr. Twister worms by John Fox of the American Angler TV Show, which helped him catch a lot of fish.


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The angler’s career slowly began to shine, which also helped him have a steady income. Jimmy also begins to sell his spinnerbaits, which he created in his backroom. Soon, his friend Samm Walton who was also an Oklahoma near got his baits into Walmart. He also started his T.V. show called Jimmy Houston Outdoors, which interview him to a new stardom level. The show’s victory has made his family’s name famous overall world and helped him gain a grand fortune.

Jimmy Houston’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jimmy Houston’s net worth is collected to be $6 million. The career angler also has 2 decades of experience working in T.V. networks, involving, outside Life Network, and N.B.C. Sports. Jimmy’s income has increased seriously after the success of his T.V. show, Jimmy Houston Outdoors. He upgrades episode 64 for his outdoor channel, which is still relayed by various networks to this day. As stated above, he is also an author and has released several books. Some of them are listed below alongside their separate price.

Jimmy Houston’s Popularity on Google

Jimmy Houston’s Facts

 Date of Birth: June 27, 1944
 Age: 76 years old
 Birth Nation: The U.S.A.
 Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches
Name Jimmy Houston
Nationality American
Birthday San Marcos, Texas
Ethnicity White
Profession TV host, Angler
Working Area ESPN
Net Worth 2022 $6
Married Yes
Married to Chris

Jimmy Houston’s FAQs

Who Is Jimmy Houston?

He is a 77-year-old illustrious American TV Shows host and pro angler who is at this present moment on NBC Sports Jimmy stands at a below-average stature of feet 4 inches which are approximately 1.63m

How Old Is Jimmy Houston?

He is 77 years old Jimmy was born on July 28, 1944, in San Marcos, Texas, the Stables, Thus, he renews and celebrates his birthday on the 28th of July every year.

Is Jimmy Houston dead or alive?

Jimmy is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health-related issues.

Where is Jimmy Houston Now?

Jimny owns a 2,000-acre slice of Oklahoma’s prime backward just a few miles south of Chickasaw National fun Area and is home to Oklahoma fishing and outdoor television.

Who is Jimmy Outdoors?

Jimmy Houston is a pro angler and TV host. He was on years before he shift to the Outdoor Life Network He is currently on  Sports. In 1990, he was allowed into the  Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

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