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Jim Butcher Bio

Jim Butcher is an American fantasy fiction writer. He is famous for writing Dresden Files, a contemporary fantasy book series. He has also Admin the Codex Alera series Butcher was born on October 26, 1971, in freedom, Missouri. He is youthful in the family with 2 older sisters. At that time resides in his hometown. Butcher upgrade a keen like in fantasy and science fiction novels in his childhood. It was when he was ill his sister would bring him reading materials like The Han Solo deed and The Lord of the Rings so he wouldn’t get bored. 
At the young age of 19, Butcher wrote his first novel but it felt poor to him so he wrote two more novels that continue to fail to live up to the standards. The writing process of these 3 novels gave him some experience so that he would rewrite the first novel. This is how he discovered his notable Harry Dresden character in Dresden Files. These early novels were part of his written-in-class project. After a series of reject from agents and editors, Butcher’s Storm Front the 1st book in Dresden Files got released by Roc Books in 2000.
The novel involves the protagonist Harry Dresden. He is a private investigator and a wizard living in Chicago. The story is narrow in the first-person narrative.  In Dresden’s world, all the fantastical and supernatural creatures are real demons, faeries, ghouls, zombies, and vampires, etc. The Chicago Police Department hires Dresden as a consultant to solve cases of magic nature as the general public is unconscious of their existence.


So, as per usual, there are a lot of balls in the air here Harry has to juggle getting used to being an active and complex father, there’s a budding romance, there is his role as a Warden, his duties as Winter’s Knight, his duties as Warden of Demonreach, and the… Thomas is in all sorts of trouble, there’s a threat to remove Harry from the White Council of Wizards, there’s something made with Chicago P.D., and then Baron Marcone is hosting an ending celebrity of the Unseelie Accord signatories for helping by the Fomor to hash out differences.

And that’s what I can say anywhere spoiling anything. Now, since there come forward, the Fomor have been a fantastic antagonist for everyone really. I think even the Denarians pale is better than one another to the threat they pose to humanity. So this meeting is a major happening—and bond to go very, very dirty. This is why Carlos shows up to enlist Harry to help provide security and be an envoy to Winter.

Mab wants Harry there as her Knight and here’s the kicker to help fully a debt by granting 2 favors no questions asked to Laura Wraith during the summit. There’s just so, so much that can go without doing any mistakes. And much of it does. And then other, worse, things happen. At one point   I thought about latching the book and walking away—may be following Mr. Tribbiani’s example and putting it in the freezer. Skin Game would make a good, albeit innocent, series finale.

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Butcher was born in Independence, the fifth-largest city in Missouri and the United States. He is the youngest of all three siblings, who include 2 older sisters. As a child, when Butcher was ill from strep throat, his sisters introduced him to the famous novels named ‘The Han Solo Adventures’ and ‘The Lords Of The Rings’ to kill time while recovering, which ultimately led to his lure with science fiction and fantasy novels. He finished his first novel as a teenager and find a conclusion to become a writer.
Unfortunately, he had to face many failures on the way to the cultural fantasy genre. He finally released his first book, ‘The Dresden Files’ as a writing course of hard work at age 25 in 1996.


Throughout his career, Butcher has released several novels. Jim Butcher wrote his 1st novel at the age of 19, but he found it unsatisfactory, so he decided to write extra two novels, which continue failed to live up to his hopefulness. Butcher’s best-buying books are Fool Moon, Peace Talks, and Storm Front. His son J.J. and Paul Blackthorne begin as the lead actors in the TV feature based on Butcher’s ‘The Dresden Files. Jim Butcher also published 1st one of the best buyer features named ‘The Codex Alera’.

This series is somewhat made after the Roman Empire. For note, a trilogy, Jim Butcher first signed a deal with, but after his series became successful, he wrote three more books for the series. Writing these three novels giveback him the insights and experience to revise the first novel. Jim Butcher is a popular American novelist. His well-known works are ‘The Dresden Files and ‘The Codex Alera’. Butcher has also written many successful short stories.
These short stories take in ‘Welcome To The Jungle 2008, ‘Even Hand’ (2010), ‘Curses’ (2011), ‘Bigfoot On Campus (2012), and ‘Bombshells’ (2013). Before his fame, his 1st ‘The Dresden Files novel got released in 2000, and soon after, the series earned traction. Jim Butcher’s ‘The Dresden Files is a modern fantasy book series. The Dresden Files begins with Terrence Mann, Paul Blackthorne, and Valeri Cruz.

Wife, Relationship, And Married Life

Shannon Butcher, an engineer turned novelist, married Jim Butcher, his high school lovely. He had a son named James Joseph passing time during his 1st year of college. He worked everywhere from a yogurt store employee to a door-to-door vacuum salesperson while putting himself and his wife through college. Jim and his ex-wife James were empowered to maintain their great connection and split in 2013.

Jim Butcher books

In addition to these phenomenal series, Butcher also wrote a few short stories training to the same genre. These short stories involve Welcome to the Jungle (2008), Even Hand (2010), Curses (2011), Bigfoot on Campus (2012), and Bombshells (2013). It has been described that Jim Butcher has signed a deal to pen a 3 based on steampunk, entitled ‘The Cinder Spires. The first book featured is rumored to have the title The Aeronaut’s Windlass.

Jim Butcher’s Net worth 

In 2019, Jim Butcher amassed a sizeable sum of money throughout his career, collected to be more than $1 million by some trustable sources. Jim-Butcher.com receives 4573 daily page views and is hoping to produce $13.72 in daily advertising revenue and $412 in monthly promotion revenue. With its debut release, The Dresden Files became a striking series.

To date, 15 Dresden novels have been written and released in the series. The feature has been narrowed in audiobooks, a role-playing game involving Dresden has been released, and a few physical novels based on the books have also been published. Furthermore, in 2007, the novels were transferred into a one-season TV featured

Jim Butcher’s Hobbies And Interests

Jim Butcher enjoys writing novels. He also lovely creating series. He loves playing many video games. Butcher was asked which fictional character he would date during an interview and why. He jokingly responded by saying that he would date Lara Raith because, after the date, she would kill him, which would save his wife some effort. Jim Butcher is known to be a video game addict. During an interview, Jim claimed that he was weirdly obsessed with the kitchen. Butcher wrote ‘The Dresden Files with the ultimate goal of proving his teacher wrong.

Jim Butcher’s popularity on Google

Jim Butcher’s Facts

Name Jim Butcher
First Name Jim
Last Name Butcher
Age 50 years
Date of Birth October 21, 1971
Month of Birth October
Year of Birth 1971
Current City colorado
Profession Author, Actor & Novelist
Nationality American
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife Shannon Butcher
No of Children’s NA
Married Date 2012
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 70kg, 147lbs.
Birth Place/City Independence, Missouri
Ethnicity White
Profession Author
Net Worth $1 Million
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Instagram @jimbutchernews
Married Yes
Married to Shannon Butcher
Divorce Shannon Butcher (m. 2013)
Awards Goodreads Choice Awards Best Paranormal Fantasy
TV Show The Dresden Files
Books Storm Front, Skin Game

Jim Butcher’s FAQs

Q. Would Jim be a guest at my convention or event?

A. Jim makes all of his convention and appearance choices over a year in advance. Jim’s 2020 and 2021 schedules are completely full. Invitations for 2022 may still be sent. 

If you are a transfer organizer and want to invite Jim to a future event (2022 and beyond), send an invite to Jim’s assistant,  We good performance in your understanding that he simply cannot accept everyone. You can see a list of cons and brothers & sisters Jim will be attending on the site calendar.

Q. How do I stay updated on all the latest Jim-related news?

A. Sign up for our Announcement List! You don’t have to worry about spam–we generally rate one message per week at the most.

Q. How many books is Jim writing for the Dresden Files?

A. 25: 22 “case books,” like those we’ve seen so far, capped with a 2-length forgiveness trilogy. Books 16 and 17 come out later this year: Peace Talks on July 14th, 2020, and war Ground on September 29th. Keep an eye on the Upcoming Works page and our main-page news blog for updates.

Q. Has Jim considered collecting an anthology of Dresden Files short stories?

A. Side Jobs and Brief Cases collect all the very short stories and novelettes Jim has written up through 2017.  You can check out their writing on our short stories page.  The stories and short stories he’s written since will likely be included in a 3rd anthology, but given that each Dresden anthology represents about 10 years’ worth of short fiction, it’ll be a long time passing time Jim amasses enough stories for that.

Q. Is the Codex Alera finished? Will Jim ever write more in this series?

A. Jim completed the feature with book #6, First Lord’s Fury. He isn’t ruling out the possibility of coming back to that world at some point in the future, but he doesn’t have any immediate plans at this stage.

Q. What is “The Cinder Spires”?

A. “The Cinder Spires” is Jim’s new steampunk series, starting with The Aeronaut’s Windlass. Read about the series here.

Q. Why isn’t the book name available for the kindles/e-books?

A. At this stage, everything should be here! If you found an oversight, let us know through the “Contact Us” page, and we’ll pass it on to Penguin.

Q. Will you reveal some crucial detail from a book that isn’t published yet?

Q. When will sample chapters for the next book be posted? How many chapters will there be?

A. We generally post the first chapter a month or 2 before each book’s release. Jim usually releases 4 or 5 chapters in total.

Q. I have a great idea for a Dresden story…, Will you look at my fanfic?

A. Please do not send Jim story ideas or deals. Jim can’t and won’t read them, so they’ll just get tossed in the trash. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t write fanfic and contribute it to your friends! Read the full policy here.

Q. Will you look at my fanart?

A. Sure! Fanart, so long as it is not for sale, is completely kosher and lots of fun.

Q. How did Jim get published? Can you give me some advice on how to get published?

A. Jim chronicles his road to getting published here.

Q. How do you write a novel?

A. Jim offers advice for aspiring writers here!

Q. Are Jim’s books available in audio format?

A. Yes! The complete catalog is here through. The Dresden Files featured is read by James Marsters (of Buffy fame), the Codex Alera is performed by Kate Reading, and the Cinder Spires is read by Euan Morton.

Q. What’s this about a Dresden Files graphic novel?

A. The Dresden Files has spread to the graphic novel medium! Welcome to the Jungle is the first Dresden Files graphic novel, an original story set before the events of high air Front. It’s written by Jim Butcher. Jim’s first two novels also got the graphic novel treatment. Storm Front is available in two volumes, irritation by Ardian Syaf and Brett Booth. 

Q. When will we get new episodes of the TV show?

A. The 2007 Sci-Fi Channel series was canceled after only one season. You can sale the series of DVDs in the store.  However, Harry may see the small screen again!  The rights have been optioned by Fox21 Studios, and a new TV show is currently in the upgrade, with Jim taking an active role.

Q. Where is the best place to get Jim’s books, audiobooks, DVDs, etc?

A. We recommend supporting your like local independent bookstore, but if you prefer to buy online, you can support this site by using the links from the Jim-Butcher.com store to purchase from Amazon, Audible, B&N, or IndieBound.

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