Jay Versace Bio, Net worth, Family, Career, Dating, Facts

Jay Versace Bio, Net worth, Family, Career, Dating, Facts

Would you like to know more about Jay Versace Net Worth, Bio, Age, Family, Height, Salary, Income, Lifestyles, and how he was famous? You need to read complete this article if you want to know more about Jay Versace Life and gain your knowledge. Let’s get started now!

Jay Versace Bio

Jay Versace is an American teenager who became famous for the videos he uploaded to YouTube and Vine which were based on random topics and were full of comedy. His goal in life is to make as many people laugh as possible. His one-man skits, funny dances, shrieks and screams have been delighting a huge number of followers from the last two years. During the one month stretching from December 2014 to January 2015, the number of his followers increased drastically from 200,000 to 600,000 and at present he has more than 3 million followers on his Vine account., more than 237,000 subscribers on the YouTube, more than 573,000 followers on Instagram and more than 100,000 followers on Twitter. He re-vines some of the videos created by other Viners and has collaborated with them in creating some of his videos. The name ‘Jay Versace’ is based on a video he had downloaded from the Vine in 2014 where rapper Riff Raff was feeding his dog ‘Versace water’. Jay found this to be extremely funny and adopted the name for himself. The most viewed video made by him is ‘I got Kicked Out School’.

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Jay Versace Family

Father: his father’s name is unknown.

Mother: his mother’s name is thoroughly kept in secret.

Siblings: he has a sister.

Wives and kids: he is too young to start his own family.

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Jay Versace Net Worth

Jay’s net worth is estimated at $ 700 Thousand.

Jay Versace Popularity on Google

Jay Versace Popularity on Google


Jay Versace Facts


Jay Versace

Profession Instagram Star
Birthplace New Jersey
Date of Birth 24th January 1998
    • His hobby is singing.
    • He has a dog.
    • He likes hip-hop.

FAQs about Jay Versace

Who is the main inspirer of Jay?

Jay mentions his mother almost in all of his videos. He imitates her voice, her manners and their talks and quarrels. He claims that his mother first gave him an idea to shoot his jokes on video and publish them on social nets.

What is his popularity based on?

Jay has a very rich mimic. He is able to imitate everybody and everything with his face. Sometimes he mocks on famous Viners or Youtubers and posts the videos and later the celebrity write posts with comments to him.

What is his dream of future life?

Jay wants to get to Hollywood and participate in different films. His favorite genre is comedy. He also dreams of a career of a standup comic.

What is the source of ideas for his sketches?

The constant source for ideas is his current life: his school, his relations with friends, his mom’s instructions. He is always able to see something funny in the life strea

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