Dan Gookin – Net Worth, Bio, Age, Family, Height, Books, Facts 2021

Dan Gookin - Net Worth, Bio, Age, Family, Height Books, Facts 2021

Would you like to know more about Dan Gookin Biography, Net Worth, and how he became so successful and rich man? You need to read and complete this article and gain your knowledge. Let’s get started now!

Dan Gookin is a computer book author who writes many “For Dummies books” including computers, C Programming, Android Tablets, Laptops, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and more books about related Computer. He has written almost 150 computer books. His website provides help in computer sections and a blog updated several times a week.

Dan Gookin’s Bio

Dan Gookin was born in San Diego, California USA on 19 October 1960.  He is currently 61 years age-old. He was the editor at Computer Edge Magazine the locally-based San Diego computer periodical, from 1987 until 1989.

He a popular and well-known celebrity in the United States. Dan Gookin has a large fan following in different countries. His birth sign of the Writer is Capricorn.

He lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho He is active in the community theatre. In 1977 he was appointed the artistic director of the Lake City Playhouse. Gookin was elected to a position on Coeur d’Alene City Council in November 2011. Coeur d’Alene City Council in November of 2011.  He is one of the most popular and skilful and successful personalities from San Diego.

Check out more information about Dan Gookin’s Biography:

Name Dan Gookin
Age 61 Years
Birth Date 19 October 1960
Birth Year 1960
Birth Place United States, San Diego US
Birth Sign Capricorn
Country United States of America
Education Graduation
University University of California, San Diego
Graduation in Bachelor of Arts in communications/visual arts.
Profession Writer
Net Worth in 2019 $1M (Approximately) 
Salary Not Know

Dan Gookin’s Family

He has four children.  He has no girls children his 4 children are boys. He is living in Idaho, US with his family. They are all living very happily with each other. we can’t find information about his wife so we can’t share his wife’s information in this article if we found and verify his family’s complete detail so we update this article.

Dan Gookin’s Hobbies

Woodworking: He is very interested in and skilled in the woodworking profession.

Biking: He has many imported bikes and he is keen interesting biking in and long driving on the road.

Piano Playing: He plays the piano very well and he is a good musician.

Cooking: Gookin is especially interested in cooking. He often cooks something when his family is together.

Dan Gookin’s Lifestyle 

Dan Gookin wasn’t so popular prior to gaining fame. Dan Gookin was a typical ordinary person. He lived a simple and basic life. A few people were aware of his name on the television or the internet prior to his becoming famous.  His main reason for his fame is computer book writing when he’s writing books going famous than many peoples know about the book other and he got much fame because his computer-related books viral on the internet globally.

Height, Weight & Skin Color

We have found some information about Dan Gookin on the internet about his height and measurements. some data is not available on the internet when we have found some info about Gookin we update soon.

Height 5ft 6inch tall (Approximately)
Weight Not Available (Update soon)
Body Measurement Not Available (Update soon)
Eyes Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color White

University and Education

Gookin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communications/visual arts from the University of California, San Diego United States.

Political Career

In the year 2002, He was moved into the city of  Coeur d’Alene, the City of Coeur d’Alene, and was a member of its City Council. He was an activist to ensure transparency and accountability in the local government.

Dan Gookin’s Dating & Girlfriends

Relations are an integral element of each human. But, celebrities are aware of their relationship details. Similar circumstances apply to Dan Gookin. He has not disclosed any details about their relationship with their girlfriend or boyfriend via social networks.

We’ve scoured various sources to find this information, but we couldn’t come across any reliable information. It is however confirmed that the celebrity has at minimum one relationship with a woman. The information is not available on the girlfriends of Dan Gookin.

Dan Gookin’s Books

Dan Gookin has written about technology for more than 20 years. He blends his love for writing and his fascination with gadgets to write books that are entertaining, informative, and not dull. He has written over 160 titles, with over 12 million copies of books in print translated into more than 30 different languages Dan is able to confirm that the method he uses for writing computer-generated novels seems to be working.

The most famous of his titles is the first edition of DOS For Dummies, published in the year 1991. It became the top-selling computer-related book, at one time, it sold more copies per week than New York Times #1 bestseller (though as a reference book, it was not included in the NYT Bestseller list). This book was the basis for the entire series of For Dummies books that remain an undisputed publishing phenomenon until today.

His most famous titles are Word For Dummies, Android Phones and Tablets For Dummies, Laptops For Dummies, and PCs for Dummies. He also runs the huge and useful website, www.wambooli.com.

Here is the list of most popular and most selling eBooks are written by Dan Gookin:

Book Name        Year
DOS For Dummies 1991
More DOS For Dummies 1994
Laptops For Dummies 2012
PC’s For Dummies 2013
Word 2013 For Dummies 2013
Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies 2013
Beginning Programming with C For Dummies 2013
Android Tablets For Dummies 2014
Android Phones For Dummies 2014
Dan Gookin’s Guide to Curl Programming 2019
Running For Local Office For Dummies 2019
C Programming For Dummies 2020
Android For Dummies 2020

Dan Gookin’s Net Worth

Are you eager to know his net worth the average monthly earnings, monthly expenses, and more Dan Gookin? He is a well-known and skilled person, He makes lots of Income through many resources. The Major source of income for Dan Gookin is his hard work.

There is also the possibility of earning income through other sources. Dan’s books are also being sold on Amazon kindle. Their book’s prices range from 5$ to 20$ on amazon kindle. He also earns from other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and his own website(wambooli.com).

Here is the Net Worth of Dan Gookin remember that this is an estimated we are getting data from Wikipedia and other website resources:

Net Worth in 2019 $ 1 million (Approximately)
Net Worth in 2020 $3 Million (Approximately)
Net Worth in 2021 $5 Million (Approximately)
Net Worth in 2022 Update Soon

Social Links of Dan Gookin:

Here are some social links of Dan’s you can follow him and get more information about himself and learn about computer programming, Android Phone, or other skills.

Youtube Channel Dan Gookin
Linkedin Profile Dan Gookin
Amazon Kindly Profile Dan Gookin
Instagram Profile Dgookin
Personal Website/Blog www.wambooli.com

FAQs About Dan Gookin:

How did Dan Gookin Become Successful Man in his career?

He is a well-recognized person in the United States. He was working intensely from a young age to achieve success in his life. He devoted the majority of his time in order to develop his skills. That’s how he became a very successful man in his life career.

How is Dan Gookin’s Personality?

Dan has a nice personality. We haven’t seen any bad behaviour in this celebrity. Gookin, on the other hand, is extremely kind in his everyday life. His good habit is too that he donates much to charitable work. 

How is Dan Gookin’s Looking?

He looks handsome even though at the age of 61 years, he looks very young personality. His white skin and his brown hair and his blue eyes make him an eye-catchy and handsome-looking man.

Is Dan Gookin Dead or Alive?

He is currently 61 years old. Based on our databases and Wikipedia Dan’s presently still alive. We can’t find any information which claims that Dan Gookin is dead.

Is Dan Gookin Married?

There are no reliable sources to confirm the identity that his spouse is. The individual also does not share any details publicly regarding his family. We know about him from other sources he is married and has four children and no daughters. Otherwise, what is the name of his wife we don’t know about his family detail? if we have to get more information about him we update this article.


That’s the biography of Dan Gookin. In addition to his professional work, Dan Gookin is also an honest human being. We’ve covered a range of details about Dan Gookin previously.
We also discussed the date of birth and net worth, as well as girlfriend, family members, and monthly earnings of the individual. The majority of the information regarding people is obtained from different sources found on the internet. The majority of the information is reliable, but we are unable to verify the accuracy of the data.

Picture source: Wikipedia

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